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DDD 14, 2019

I attended the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! 14 conference in Reading. The DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! series of events are free, community-driven events that are held around the country and on a Saturday to allow as many people as possible to attend.

My Lightning Talk - Creativity

Here are my slides from my lightning talk on creativity. You can find more details in my blog about DDD East Anglia.

Serverless Architectural Patterns

by Sana Sarjahani

Sana guided us through the myriad of possibilities in the serverless world before going through some best practices for working in the servless world.

Some of my key takeaways were that we should avoid systems that are connected to each other by using ways to decouple the serverless functions (e.g. queues, message brokers). We should also ensure that we invest in logging as this is key to understanding what is going on in serverless systems.

Here are my sketchnotes:

Sketchnotes from the talk 'Serverless Architectural Patterns' by Sana Sarjahani

Reading Matters for .NET Developers

by James World

James is an avid reader, he loves reading, he also believes that reading is one of the best ways to learn. He believes that, as professionals, we should not only learn about our tooling but we should learn about the theory of computer science and beyond that, understand how business works, how finance works, about the domains we work in.

However, it is not just about reading books, its about how you read the book, he recommended How to read a book and talked through the various ways we can approach reading. We can get a flavour for the book by looking at the index, the foreward, the first and last paragraphs of chapters, this helps us to filter out whether the book is something that we want to read. As we read the book, we should ask ourselves questions about whether we agree, and if we are still interested we should not take this book as gospel, we should do research and read other material on the topic.

Here are my sketchnotes:

Sketchnotes from the talk 'Reading matters for .NET Developers' by James World

Azure IoT Hubs

by Pete Gallagher

Pete gave us a great introduction to using the Azure IoT Hubs to create connected devices.

I liked the way Pete started out by just providing the circuits work before trying to connect up to the cloud, we often forget to break down the problems we are trying to solve and this was a good reminder.

Another great piece of advice from Pete was to ensure that every time you are testing things on Azure is to create a new Resource Group for the test, once you are done it is easier to delete the whole resource group than trying to delete individual resources one at a time.

Here are my sketchnotes:

Sketchnotes from the talk 'Azure IoT Hubs' by Pete Gallagher

AR/VR for the .NET Developer

by Davide Zordan

Davide showed us some of the techniques he has learned working with AR/VR technologies. He is excited about the possibilites that these technologies open up, we have only just begun to explore these possibilities.

Motion in the VR world can be hard to achieve, Davide shows us some techniques he uses to get around this, by using teleportation over actual motion.

Davide's key takeaways were to test often in order to sort out performance issues that can be a cause of motion sickness. We should also test on the hardware as often as possible and aim for a full immersive experience, including voice access.

Here are my sketchnotes:

Sketchnotes from the talk 'Azure IoT Hubs' by Pete Gallagher


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